Reham Habib






Reham Habib is a sneaker & art collector, travel aficionado, and avid sports fan. Originally from Egypt, she has lived in several states across the US and abroad. She is currently the Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Business Development at Target. She is responsible for driving the identification, exploration, and implementation of new strategic partnerships to  accelerate market share gains and/or new capabilities. She comes to Target following a thirteen year career at Nike and the Jordan Brand where she served in various Senior leadership roles in Merchandising, Product Creation and General Management. In addition to Nike, Reham worked for fashion industry leaders Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica Jeans and Marc Ecko in various planning and merchandising roles. Reham invests her time in mentoring women in the industry and supporting Black/POC in their career ambitions to advance diversity and inclusion. She attended the University of Minnesota & studied Finance & Economics.

As a young girl or teenager, what profession interested you and why?

I wanted to be so many things,: a doctor, a teacher, a professional tennis player, a fashion designer, a business CEO but always had an interest in design.  I liked the idea of helping people and as I got older became attracted to things that involved creativity and solving business problems.

If you had applied for an ABF grant in your youth, what type of activity or experience would you have pursued?

Music lessons because I always wanted to learn how to play an instrument or tennis lessons to further my skill as I was a student athlete but could never afford private lessons.

Describe an experience that shaped or changed your dreams for the future

Deciding where I would go to college and making that decision despite opposition from my family was the most life changing decision I’ve made.  It was my first self-determining experience that changed the trajectory of my life.  

What is one of the most rewarding aspects of your profession?

Working in fashion allows me to imprint on culture and people’s lives in the way they present themselves.  How we dress, individual style communicates to the world before you even say anything. 

What has been instrumental to your professional success?

So many things! Self-belief, determination, resilience, curiosity, strong work ethic and the ability to get along with people from all sorts of backgrounds, ability to adapt to any circumstance.  Because of those skills, I have an innate belief that I can do anything I set my mind to.

What should girls know about your story of success? 

Your current circumstances do not define your future.  We moved to the US when I was young and grew up in very humble circumstances.  I could never have imagined how my future would turn out. However, I always had bold dreams and a strong determination to succeed to make my parents proud and make their sacrifice worth it.

Why do you support the Ann Bancroft Foundation?  In your experience, what value does ABF offer girls across Minnesota?

Girls having opportunity changes community and the lives of families more than almost anything else.  Giving someone the opportunity to pursue a dream is a priceless gift and a way for me to give back.

ABF grantees are encouraged to embrace growth opportunities and voice their opinions and feelings. What are your thoughts or experiences with self-advocacy?

The best thing you can do is to believe in yourself, determine what you want to do and pursue your own dreams for your life versus doing things that other people may want for you.  

What advice, personal and/or professional, would you give to past, present, and future ABF grantees? 

Dream big, be bold and manifest your destiny. It’s my tag line.  

Lastly, why should others join the ABF PowHER Partners this October and support this campaign?  

You have the power to impact and change lives through this foundation in a very direct, tangible way.  It’s incredibly important for me to know how my contribution is being used and ABF does an incredible job of supporting girls across MN.