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Trailblazer Fellowship Information



What is the Ann Bancroft Foundation (ABF) Trailblazer Fellowship

The inaugural 2022 Ann Bancroft Foundation (ABF) Trailblazer Fellowship allows previous ABF grantees (Trailblazers) who are currently in 9th to 12th grade to apply for a new grant to fund a dream and as a head start on their road to independence, college, and career.


What is included and what will Trailblazer Fellows gain?

The Ann Bancroft Foundation Trailblazer Fellowship experience prepares participants to dream bolder as they prepare for the next stage after high school, deepening significant gains in their ability to succeed. The experience allows Trailblazers to thrive through connection, confidence, creativity, individuality, risk-taking, and courage.

  • Fellows will each receive up to $2500 to pursue a dream

  • Participate in a year-long cohort experience full of self-discovery, goal setting, and skill building activities, including networking opportunities and mentorship experience

  • Learn about individual strengths and how to apply them

  • Opportunity to deepen relationships with mentors, cohort fellows, and the Ann Bancroft Foundation community and other services to fuel dreaming and turn those dreams into realities.

  • Develop insights and skills to pursue additional opportunities and resources

  • As part of the Fellowship experience, Fellows will commit to a year-long cohort process with no more than four cohort meetings.



To be eligible for the Trailblazer Fellowship, you must be:

  • A current Trailblazer (previous grant recipient) of a grant from the Ann Bancroft Foundation

  • A resident of Minnesota

  • You cannot apply if a family member is a current staff or board member of the Ann Bancroft Foundation

  • Must be in high school in 9th to 12th grade in 2022

  • There are no citizenship requirements




The application deadline is now closed for 2022. 

To learn more about our 2023-2023 class of Trailblazer Fellows, read their bios here.



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