Our Mission

The Ann Bancroft Foundation supports girls to live their dreams and imagine something bigger through grants, mentorship and ongoing development opportunities.

Our Vision

The Ann Bancroft Foundation envisions a world in which all who identify as a girl have a chance to live their dream and reach their full potential.

Our Culture & Values

The Ann Bancroft Foundation operates with a passion for making a difference in the lives of those who identify as girls. We believe a sense of belonging developed through equity, diversity and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our mission and vision.

  • We work as an organization to create an environment where all feel respected, valued, and able to dream.
  • We are conscious of the practices and norms that perpetuate inequity, and we commit to involve and reflect the communities we serve.
  • We partner with values-aligned individuals and organizations to cultivate an environment that supports girls in the achievement of their dreams.



The Ann Bancroft Foundation is supported by a community made up of alumnae who have received grants (“Trailblazers”), mentors who guide the process, partners and volunteers who enhance the impact, and supporters who fund our approach.

  • Our community is diverse, inclusive, connected, accessible, transparent, and supportive.
  • We encourage members of our community to be bold, courageous, and innovative.
  • We take pride in the growing network of people who eagerly claim membership in our community.