Our Mission

The Ann Bancroft Foundation inspires and encourages girls to imagine something bigger. We strive to build confidence and offer tools that will allow a girl to go after her dreams and feel supported along the way.  Through grants, mentorship, and ongoing development opportunities, the Ann Bancroft Foundation is giving Minnesota girls strength to achieve their full potential.

Our Culture & Values

The Ann Bancroft Foundation values inclusion, empowerment, and connectedness between and among people. We operate with a passion for making a difference in the lives of girls and choose to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to cultivate an environment that supports girls in the achievement of their dreams.

The ABF community made up of alumnae who have received grants, mentors who guide the process, partners who enhance the impact, and supporters who fund our programming, is diverse, inclusive, connected, accessible, transparent, healthy, and supportive. ABF encourages members of this community to be bold, courageous, and innovative. We take pride in the growing pool of people who eagerly claim membership in our community.

Equity & Inclusion


The Ann Bancroft Foundation has always focused its work on gender equity. We believe equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our mission to inspire and encourage girls to imagine something bigger. The Ann Bancroft Foundation embraces diversity and commits to involve and reflect the communities that we serve. We are conscious of the practices and norms that have perpetuated inequality in America. We understand that racism and bias exist and we will work together and with others to reduce and eliminate the practices that perpetuate inequities. We will work as an organization and as leaders to create an environment where all feel respected and valued.