Planned Giving:  Secure the Future 

A planned gift through your estate helps ensure that the Ann Bancroft Foundation will continue to support and encourage Minnesota girls long into the future. 

There are many different ways to make a planned gift to the Ann Bancroft Foundation, from naming us in your will to working with us to creating a gift that both supports the Ann Bancroft Foundation and is financially advantageous to you. By planning your gift for the future, you not only maintain control of your assets during your lifetime, you can also drastically reduce the estate taxes your heirs will have to pay.


Ways to GiveHow to GiveBenefit to YouBenefit to ABF
Bequest Include the Ann Bancroft Foundation in your will or revocable living trust, deferring your gift until after your lifetime. Costs nothing in your lifetime. the contribution will be exempt from federal estate tax. Ensures our future for generations to come.
IRA Name us as a whole or partial beneficiary of the plan. Your contribution is exempt from federal estate tax. Ensures our future for generations to come.
Life Insurance Name the Ann Bancroft Foundation as beneficiary on an existing policy or transfer ownership on a policy no longer needed.  Premiums are fully paid by donor. Make a large gift at little cost. Receive an income tax charitable deduction, under most circumstances.  Reduce future estate tax liability. Ensures our future for generations to come.
Gift of Cash or Securities Write a check, transfer long-term appreciated stock or other securities, or give online today. Immediate charitable deduction of full fair market value.  Avoidance of capital gains tax. Removes taxable assets from the estate. Your gift supports our work immediately.


 Please call Jennifer Summers Arriola at (612) 338-5752, ext. 192 for more information.