Dare to Dream Grant Program



Dare to Dream grants fund art, cultural, leadership, educational, & outdoors/wilderness experiences for girls in grades 4 through 12, allowing them to begin exploring the outside world and begin recognizing their own abilities, values and strengths in the process.

  • All applications will need to be completed online by the applicant, mentor, and parent/guardian.
  • Spring application deadline: April 1 — grant activity must begin after May 20
  • Fall application deadline: October 1 — grant activity must begin after November 20

Dare to Dream Grant Application Guidelines

  • The grant application is open to any 4th–12th grade Minnesota resident who identifies as a girl and is inclusive of cisgender, transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender non-binary people.
  • Grant requests may not exceed $500 total.
  • Each applicant must have an adult mentor who will guide her through the application process and, if funded, the registration process for the activity being funded.
  • The mentor cannot be an immediate family member (not the girl’s parent, guardian, brother, sister, aunt, or uncle), the activity provider, or an employee of the activity provider.
  • Applications must be completed by both applicant and mentor, and must be signed by a parent/guardian of the applicant.
  • Grants are awarded only once to a girl. Former grant recipients cannot apply for another ABF grant, but any girl who was previously declined may (and are encouraged to) re-apply for a grant.
  • Group applications will not be considered. Each grant applicant must apply as an individual.
  • The activity being funded must begin after the grant notification date of November 20 for fall applications and May 20 for spring applications.  
  • The activity being funded must be completed by high school graduation. Please note that ABF will not fund activities that take place the summer after graduation.
  • The grant check will be written and sent directly to the activity provider as listed in the application.
  • Each grantee and mentor will be required to complete a grant follow-up survey after completion of the activity.

How to Apply Online

  • Click here to begin your application online. Registration is now closed for the spring grant cycle. Please check back in August for the link to apply in the fall grant cycle.
  • Create a FluidReview account with a valid e-mail address. The email address you use as the account email address will be the primary email address the Ann Bancroft Foundation uses to communicate with the applicant—example: grant notification, follow-up questions, etc. Please be sure to use a valid email address as the account email and one that you will check regularly. 
  • The login information used to create the account will be needed for the mentor to complete their section of the application—we encourage the girl and mentor to complete the application together. This way, the mentor may help the applicant (if needed) and complete their section of the response questions. 
  • All fields need to be completed to move on to the next page(s) throughout the application. You may save and exit at any time and then log back in to complete the application. 
  • Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. It is important that the girl herself answer the questions in her own words (not the mentor/parent/guardian on her behalf).
  • The applicant, mentor, and parent/guardian need to sign the final page of the application.
  • Once the application is filled in, all applicants must press the "submit" button on their FluidReview dashboard for the application to be considered complete and to move forward into review. 

Selection and Notification Process

  • Once the application is submitted, it will be screened by a representative from the Ann Bancroft Foundation before going to the granting committee to ensure that it is complete and valid. 
  • The Granting Committee will not review applications until after the grant cycle deadline. The review and selection process will take 4–7 weeks.
  • Applicants will be notified of their grant status on or before the grant notification date (May 20 or November 20) via an email to the primary email address on the application account—all decisions are final.
  • Mentors will also be notified via email of their mentee's grant status—please make sure the mentor's email address listed in the application is valid and correct.
  • Grant awards will then be sent directly to activity providers 2–3 weeks after the notification date (early June or early December). 

Please direct all questions to Ann Bancroft Foundation by calling 612-338-5752 ext. 191 or e-mail grants@annbancroftfoundation.org.

NOTE: The Ann Bancroft Foundation wants our grant applications to be accessible to everyone. If you are unable to complete an online application, please contact us so we may work with you to complete the application offline. You may send an email to grants@annbancroftfoundation.org or call us at 612-338-5752 x 191.

For your reference, the Ann Bancroft Foundation (ABF) does not investigate or inquire into the qualifications, competency, safety, or appropriateness of the activity, program, providers, or mentor for which the grant application was made. ABF is a granting organization only and relies upon the applicant, mentors, and activity providers to determine the propriety and safety of any given activity or program for a grantee. Therefore, by making this grant, ABF is not endorsing or making other representations regarding the chosen activities, programs, providers or mentors. The grantee's participation in  any given activity or program will be governed by the activity provider's terms of use or activity requirements.

Dates to Remember:

April 1 spring application deadline

May 20 —​​​​​​​ spring grant notification

October 1 —​​​​​​​ fall application deadline

November 20 —​​​​​​​ fall grant notification