Grant Programs

Ann Bancroft Foundation (ABF) grants are awarded to Minnesota girls each year to inspire and encourage them to imagine something bigger. ABF continues to support these girls on their journey to discovering themselves, unlocking their confidence and self-esteem, and embracing and pursuing their dreams. These grants help give girls the tools they need to find success throughout their lifetime.

Dare to Dream Grants fund art, cultural, leadership, educational, & outdoors/wilderness experiences for girls in grades 4 through 12, allowing them to begin exploring the outside world and begin recognizing their own abilities, values and strengths in the process.

Let Me Play Grants fund sport, athletic, & dance equipment or participation fees for girls in grades K through 12,  giving them the opportunity to be part of a team, build strength and confidence, and push themselves farther—on the field and off.

How to apply

Have an activity picked out? Have a mentor lined up? Ready to apply for a grant? Use this page to help walk you through our online application process. Application deadlines are April 1 and October 1 each year.  


When completing an application, it is normal to run into a few questions. Here are our frequently asked questions when applying for an ABF grant. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us. 


Since 1997, ABF has supported over 4,700 different Minnesota girls in pursuing their dream(s) and pushing the limits. In 2018, we awarded over $178,000 to 373 girls. These girls are the future of our community.


The online application for the fall has now closed. Check back in February 2020 for the next grant application!

Our grant application deadlines are April 1 and October 1 each year.  Questions? Email