Delia, D2D '15Delia-Grimes.jpg

Dream: Trip to Thailand to work with elephants

Grant: $500

Hometown: St. Paul

At 15 years old, Delia discovered Global Leadership Adventures when researching non-religious mission trips and was immediately drawn to their Elephant Conservation Project. She has loved elephants since she could remember, and this opportunity could not have excited her more. The high price tag of an international excursion was daunting at first, but she worked hard to turn her dreams into reality.

This led Delia to apply for a Dare to Dream grant, but the impact of the grant went much further than the actual money. “The moment I learned I had been given the grant, I realized it was actually possible.” What started as a desire to immerse herself in the culture and learn more about elephants soon turned into a truly transforming experience. When Delia first arrived in Thailand, she had some anxiety, afraid she wouldn’t be accepted. By the end of the trip, she created strong connections with those she was surrounded with and developed a stronger confidence. “This experience has changed me forever, I realize that people actually do like me, and it has changed the way I approach people now.” Delia is motivated to go to college, to travel more in the future, and has developed an interest in conservation of all species because of this experience.