Plenette Pierson

Pierson_Plenette.jpgPlenette Pierson is a proven and accomplished professional both on and off the basketball court. She is a 15-year WNBA veteran and 3-time WNBA champion, who is currently serving her 3rd season as an assistant coach for the Minnesota Lynx. In this role, she assists the team with talent acquisition and evaluation and assists in the team’s player development initiatives. Prior to serving as an assistant coach with the Minnesota Lynx, Pierson served as the assistant coach for the Wayne State University Women’s Basketball team. While in this role she was responsible for player development and also served as the recruiting coordinator.

A Houston, Texas, native, Pierson has a passion for helping young people and serving underserved and undeveloped communities. Her philanthropic efforts have been an intentional focus during each stop of her domestic and international travels. During her basketball playing career, domestically, she has spent time in Phoenix, AZ, Detroit, MI, New York, NY, Tulsa, OK, Dallas, TX, and Minneapolis, MN. Internationally, she has spent time in Israel, Greece, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, and South Korea. While spending time in each city, both domestically and internationally, Pierson was able to connect with the local community and immerse herself within each new culture. During these times she was able to volunteer with the Garden of Dreams Foundation in NY, the Boys and Girls Clubs in Tulsa, Dallas, and Minneapolis as well as participate in countless basketball camps that helped shape the lives of the next generation of leaders.

Prior to becoming a professional athlete, Pierson was a standout All-American basketball player at Texas Tech University. As a proud alumnus, who was inducted into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame in 2015, Pierson strongly believes in the impact that mentoring can have on young boys and girls. She has availed herself as a resource for future boys and girls who endeavor to serve their communities and improve their circumstances through sports.

Currently, Pierson is serving as a board member with the Ann Bancroft Foundation and in this role she is the co-chair of the granting committee. This committee is tasked with reviewing grants that will be awarded to young women in Minneapolis, with the hopes that the funds will assist them in achieving their goals and aid them in becoming successful in life. In this role, Pierson hopes to leave a lasting impact not only on the foundation and its members, but on the Minneapolis youth as well. As a legacy, Pierson would like the next generation to believe that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to and that limitations are only a myth. Her personal mantra is “Passion fuels your purpose, and purpose fuels your passion.