20th Anniversary Celebration, April 20

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The 20th Anniversary Celebration will take place on Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 5:30-8:30pm at the Minneapolis Event Center.

Please join us for this special evening as we celebrate 20 years of encouraging every girl to live her dream and reach her full potential. Together we’ll hear from grantees and mentors about the life-changing ripple effect of our support in the lives of girls.


Reserve Tickets Now! 

You may purchase a table or tickets online by visiting our Auction website or by calling us at 612-338-5752, ext 192.  If you prefer, you may also choose to email us at events@annbancroftfoundation.org.


The 20th Anniversary Advisory Committee includes Ann Bancroft, Joan Higinbotham, Sally Johnson, Jan Malcolm, Sharon Olson and Kris Petersen.



 Special Guest Performer: Julia Brennan

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They say timing is everything. And this couldn't be truer for 18 year-old singer/songwriter Julia Brennan. If only it didn't take a broken collar bone to happen! "We have this little vintage motorcycle that my brother rides around the yard all the time," explains the Minneapolis-bred musician. "One day this summer, I jump on and just as I start going, I realize the hand brake was broken. I broke my collar bone and had to have surgery. I was stuck on the couch for a few weeks, and I said to myself, 'Well, I have nothing to do. And I've been sitting on these three songs for months, why not put them out now?'"

This summer, Julia self-released her first few songs, including the heartfelt, piano-laced breakout track 'Inner Demons.' "A week after I released the songs, I thought, 'I should send them into local radio stations and see if they'll play my songs.'" In just a few days, the pop radio station in Minneapolis (KDWB-FM) called Julia while on the air, talked to her about these songs, and played 'Inner Demons.' 

It had all happened almost too quickly for Julia to even digest. She had just moved into the dorms at the University of Minnesota to begin her freshman year of college as all of this was happening. The feedback on 'Inner Demons' was instantaneous and so positive that she pulled up stakes from her dorm room the day before her first class. A few days later, she signed a recording contract with Columbia Records.

"Inner Demons" was written by Julia and recorded in Nashville this past December, the singer/songwriter deciding to forge ahead with her career after gaining the confidence to tell her own stories. "I started really concentrating on my songwriting about a year ago," she says.

Click here to read an interview with Julia and hear her single, "Inner Demons."