Impact Stories

Each year, the money raised funds transformative experiences for hundreds of girls. These grants are about more than giving girls just money. For many, it is the first time someone believed in them, heard their dream, took a stand for them being powerful, etc. Small grant dollars translate to a life-long transformation of confidence, positivity, connecting you to what’s good in the world.

We have always believed that our grants were transformative for girls, but we wanted proof, so in 2016 we partnered with The Improve Group to evaluation our program results.  Our goals were to more fully understand the impact of our grant programs and to ensure that our programs were achieving the desired results. 

Good news: our grants are achieving the desired impact for girls in every measurable way!  To review the evaluation summary, click here.

Here are a few examples of how these small grants have a monumental impact.


Kjersten, D2D '18


Dream: Music Trip to Europe

Grant: $500

Hometown: Fountain

Last summer, Kjersten traveled to seven different countries with the Minnesota Ambassadors of Music. A native of Fountain, Minnesota and a current senior at Lanesboro High School, Kjersten used the Dare to Dream grant to help her experience the opportunity of playing her flute abroad and immersing herself in the different cultures of Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. Peterson reflects on her time spent abroad:

Kjersten - Impact Stories 3.jpg“Traveling the world and playing music with a group of strangers was definitely a challenging experience for me. On the trip I became confident in my musical abilities and I am very proud of that. Before my trip I wouldn't have been able to say that I was proud of myself for something, but now I am able to say it with confidence, and that makese very happy.”

Currently, she is busy finishing up college applications while still a member of her school’s concert band and jazz band.

“I try to learn something every day, from music or otherwise. My experience with the Minnesota Ambassadors of Music was truly unforgettable and I am very grateful to the Ann Bancroft Foundation for the Dare to Dream grant.”



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Lia, D2D '17

Dream: Rotary Summer Youth Exchange Program Lia Tang D2D 2017.jpg

Grant: $400

Hometown: St. Paul

Lia’s dream is to one day have traveled all around the world to meet and connect with many people from different backgrounds and cultures. “I hope to have friends from around the world whom I can visit and have visit me,” Lia wrote in her ABF grant application in the spring of 2017.

It seems Lia’s dream to gain friends from around the world was successful during her summer 2017 experience with the Rotary Summer Youth Exchange Program. She was paired with a girl from Finland - one month was spent in the Twin Cities with Lia’s family and then Lia spent one month in southwestern Finland with the girl’s family. Lia’s time in Finland was half spent at the Finnish family’s summer cottage where she was immersed in the relaxed culture and summer leisure of Finland. “In Finland, a hike through the forest does not mean you walk on trails through a forest, but instead you go traipsing through the underbrush to wherever you want to go!” Lia recalled as she described this picture of herself in the middle of all of the blueberry bushes. The other half of her month in Finland was spent exploring the city’s museums, sitting in on a few classes (since school had started for Finnish students!), and spending time with the family at home in the evenings. Through Lia’s grant experience, she was able to learn about Finnish culture, and in turn, about US culture as well. As she recalled on some of her learnings and takeaways, Lia stated, “This experience made me think about how small things in a culture can be so different – things that I think are normal to me and life here in the US are not the same once you go outside of the country.”

Lia is currently on a gap-year Rotary exchange program in Mexico, and hopes to travel to Africa, the Middle East, and/or Southeast Asia during her collegiate studies in the future.


Emma, D2D '16Emma Haugen Denfeld Welding.jpg

Dream: Welding classes

Grant: $500

Hometown: Duluth

The Ann Bancroft Foundation has opened a world of opportunities for me. With the grant, I have participated in two after school programs, which have taught me how to weld and most importantly, how to have fun while welding. Because of my experience and the skills I gained, I am in progress of pursuing a welding internship. I'm looking forward to where I will go from here.

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Elsa, LMP '16

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Julia, D2D '16Eubanks Julia Alumna.png

Dream: Trip to Costa Rica

Grant: $500

Hometown: Minneapolis

Through an exchange program at her high school, Julia went to Costa Rica for a month to learn about its rich culture. With this transformative experience, Julia noticed that her knowledge of the Spanish language has drastically improved. Reflecting on her trip, she realized that this journey made a great difference in her life and she gained many new friends. She learned that while people have customs unique to their country and culture, all people have universal wants and needs. Julia added, "I truly expanded my comfort zone much further than I would have ever expected. I now understand that I am a part of a bigger global community...Thank you so much for giving me this grant!"


Delia, D2D '15Delia-Grimes.jpg

Dream: Trip to Thailand to work with elephants

Grant: $500

Hometown: St. Paul

At 15 years old, Delia discovered Global Leadership Adventures when researching non-religious mission trips and was immediately drawn to their Elephant Conservation Project. She has loved elephants since she could remember, and this opportunity could not have excited her more. The high price tag of an international excursion was daunting at first, but she worked hard to turn her dreams into reality.

This led Delia to apply for a Dare to Dream grant, but the impact of the grant went much further than the actual money. “The moment I learned I had been given the grant, I realized it was actually possible.” What started as a desire to immerse herself in the culture and learn more about elephants soon turned into a truly transforming experience. When Delia first arrived in Thailand, she had some anxiety, afraid she wouldn’t be accepted. By the end of the trip, she created strong connections with those she was surrounded with and developed a stronger confidence. “This experience has changed me forever, I realize that people actually do like me, and it has changed the way I approach people now.” Delia is motivated to go to college, to travel more in the future, and has developed an interest in conservation of all species because of this experience.

Alyssa, D2D '15

Wallet #2.jpg

Dream: Horsemanship Clinic

Grant: $500

Hometown: Duluth

"My journey of horsemanship has increased my confidence, positivity, strength, and overall personality. I actually can say that horseback riding was one of the important parts of my life that kept me going when things got tough. Working with horses has honestly been the most important part of my life. I have always lived with anxiety and depression, but the relationship my horse and I formed was life-changing. I learned so much about myself, and thanks to this experience I am a stronger person today. I think proving to myself what I’m capable of, and the bond I was able to form with a completely independent (1,200 lb.) animal was eye-opening to me. My self-confidence sky-rocketed because I began trusting my own abilities."


Nkao, D2D '15Nkao-Yang.jpg

Dream: Help Hmong girls ages 5-12 realize their goals, self-esteem, leadership

Grant: $500

Hometown: Minneapolis

Nkao had a dream of helping Hmong girls use their creativity to build their self-esteem and empower them to become great leaders. In the spring 2015 grant cycle, she was awarded a Dare to Dream grant to make this dream come alive. Nkao had the idea to help organize and run the Hmong Mighty Girl booth at the 35th Freedom Festival in Como Park with approximately 35,000 people in attendance. Here, Nkao used her incredible creative skills to put together an activity called “Letter in a Balloon.” She helped Hmong girls ages 5-12 create letters written to themselves containing 2-5 things that make them mighty, goals they have for themselves, and actions they will take to achieve those goals. These letters were put in Mighty Girl balloons and could be opened whenever these young girls needed words of encouragement.

The experience left a profound impact on Nkao, and this is what she shared us:
 “I felt empowered and proud helping girls my age feel like they are allowed to express their feelings without fear, that they can express what they want to be without anyone judging them. I felt like a leader myself. This experience has made a big difference in life by allowing me to use my creativity in art and giving back to my community through service and empowerment. I felt proud of what I was able to do for other girls. Without it, I would not be who I am today. ” 

Alexandra, LMP '15alexandra.jpg

Dream: Become a professional ballet dancer

Grant: $500

Hometown: St. Cloud

Alexandra has aspired to be a professional ballet dancer since she can remember, and she dreams to carry on her love of ballet through teaching. Because of high costs for training and supplies, she has had to work especially hard to continue her ballet training. Between saving money she made from teaching ballet and receiving a Let Me Play grant in the spring of 2015, Alexandra was able to put herself through nine months of advanced ballet training. “Dance for me boosts my confidence and helps me be a more confident person in everyday life. Having the grant to continue training boosted my confidence and self-esteem, making my training much more attainable.”

For Alexandra, having strong mentors in her life has been a power motivator. “If I hadn’t had all the wonderful instructors I’ve had over the years, I probably wouldn’t have continue in ballet. Without the support you get frustrated. I’ve loved having instructors who were patient and help you master a step or move until you get it right.” Having a mentor through the granting process gave her the confidence she needed to continue her training. “It’s really nice to know that there’s someone there who wants to invest their time in you to help you achieve what you would like.” Alexandra hopes to one day be accepted into the Royal Winnipeg Aspirant and Teacher Program. 

Sophia, D2D '15


Dream: Horse Camp

Grant: $415

Hometown: Golden Valley

"If I listen and behave I am able to have fun experiences and am more pleasant to be around. I met new people who were kind and encouraging. I was proud to be in the show and receive a medal."

Mabruka, D2D '14

Mabruka's Story from on Vimeo.

Abby, D2D '12Abby-Michels-thumb.jpg

Dream: Ecology Camp at Wolf Ridge

Grant: $500

Hometown: Two Harbors

This camp has, hands down, been the best experience of my life.  It has taught me how to have a greater respect for the world around us.  I’ve made new friendships and countless memories that I’m sure will stay with me forever. I also learned how to trust and challenge myself, and how to be a better canoe paddler.

Maria, D2D '12Maria-Jackson-thumb.jpg

Dream: Baking Classes

Grant: $500

Hometown: St. Paul

"I learned a lot of tips about baking that will help me open a bakery some day. This experience will always be in my heart!"

Michelle, LMP '11

Michelle received her Let Me Play grant award in 2011. She is currently a student at St. Cloud State University and continues her love for skating as a member of the SCSU Hockey Cheer Team and as a skating instructor at St. Louis Park Skating School and SportQuest Skating Academy in the Twin Cities during academic breaks.

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Katey, D2D '11KatieRedmon1997.jpg

Dream: Westonka Summer Institute Trip in Costa Rica

Grant: $500                  

Hometown: Minnetrista

For 10 days, I went out of my comfort zone and grew as a person. I studied out in the field with the renowned scientist Adrian Pinto, broke through the language barrier and really conquered my fears.

Rhiannon, D2D '11rhiannon-thumb.jpg

Dream: Service trip to West Virginia

Grant: $382

Hometown: Onamia

“On this trip I learned about strength. Not the kind of strength it takes to lift something heavy, but the kind of strength it takes to get up in the morning when the whole world is against you. The kids I met did not have much money and most live in broken families. I was amazed that they all didn’t just give up on humanity all together…I have a new outlook on my own town as well. I find myself looking for more volunteer work and encouraging others to do the same. I know now that everyone is a person—they have loves and passions even if life is hard for them. They may just need a little help realizing them.”