Impact Stories

Each year, the money raised funds transformative experiences for hundreds of girls. These grants are about more than giving girls just money. For many, it is the first time someone believed in them, heard their dream, took a stand for them being powerful, etc. Small grant dollars translate to a life-long transformation of confidence, positivity, connecting you to what’s good in the world. Here are a few examples of how these small grants have a monumental impact.

Mabruka (age 17)

Mabruka's Story from on Vimeo.

Sophia Gunusen

Sophia (age 11)

Dream: Horse Camp

Grant: $415

Hometown: Golden Valley

If I listen and behave I am able to have fun experiences and am more pleasant to be around.  I met new people who were kind and encouraging.  I was proud to be in the show and receive a medal.
Maria Jackson

Maria (age 12)

Dream: Baking Classes

Grant: $500

Hometown: St. Paul

I learned a lot of tips about baking that will help me open a bakery some day. This experience will always be in my heart!

Katey Nelson

Katey (age 15)

Dream: Westonka Summer Institute Trip in Costa Rica

Grant: $500

Hometown: Minnetrista

For 10 days, I went out of my comfort zone and grew as a person. I studied out in the field with the renowned scientist Adrian Pinto, broke through the language barrier and really conquered my fears.

Abby Michels

Abby (age 16)

Dream: Ecology Camp at Wolf Ridge

Grant: $500

Hometown: Two Harbors

This camp has, hands down, been the best experience of my life.  It has taught me how to have a greater respect for the world around us.  I’ve made new friendships and countless memories that I’m sure will stay with me forever. I also learned how to trust and challenge myself, and how to be a better canoe paddler.


Rhiannon (age 15)

Dream: Service trip to West Virginia

Grant: $382

Hometown: Onamia

“On this trip I learned about strength. Not the kind of strength it takes to lift something heavy, but the kind of strength it takes to get up in the morning when the whole world is against you. The kids I met did not have much money and most live in broken families. I was amazed that they all didn’t just give up on humanity all together…I have a new outlook on my own town as well. I find myself looking for more volunteer work and encouraging others to do the same. I know now that everyone is a person—they have loves and passions even if life is hard for them. They may just need a little help realizing them.”