For Mentors

Each application received will be screened by a representative from the Ann Bancroft Foundation (ABF) before going to committee to ensure that it is complete and valid.  Please read the entire application thoroughly to ensure that the grant fits your girl’s needs.  If you have any questions, please contact ABF at or 612.338.5752.


Please be sure your mentee is eligible for an Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant:

  • She is a resident of Minnesota
  • She meets the age guidelines for the program to which she is applying
  • She has never received an Ann Bancroft Foundation grant previously
  • She needs support in order to realize her potential and would not normally be able to afford this activity.

Please make sure you are eligible:

  • You are not an immediate family member (parent, guardian, brother, sister, aunt, uncle).  Immediate family member is defined as: biological parent or individuals who act as parents to children who have been legally adopted, are foster children, stepchildren, or legal wards. 
  • You are not the activity provider, nor are you employed by the activity provider. You will not derive personal financial gain in any way from the activity provider.

Your responsibilities as a mentor for an Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant Application are:

  • To oversee all aspects of the application process, making sure that the application is complete and questions thoughtfully answered. The grant selection is based upon the girl’s answers as well as the mentor’s answers, so please make sure that both sections contain complete information and that the grant is  received in  the Ann Bancroft office on the date it is due as posted at via postal service (postmark date accepted), email, or fax.
  • To verify that your mentee truly needs the grant in order to participate in this activity, and that this activity will help your mentee fulfill her dream.
  • To follow your mentee throughout the process, providing assistance with registration for the activity if needed, and receiving and delivering the grant check to the activity provider.
  • To submit a final report and to ensure that your mentee also completes her final report within six weeks of the completion of her activity.

 Have a question? E-mail or call us at 612-338-5752.